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Home painters in Orlando 


We will gladly go over colors with you to help

we have over 30 years experience in interior design, color matching and would be happy to sit with you. 

We can get samples and apply them to small areas on your home to be sure you like the colors  

Color consultations and samples are absolutely free

Just let us know and we’re here to help you. See your quote as follows 


We will pressure clean your exterior including

stucco walls, block walls , frame walls, etc 


facia board

Wood siding or lap siding and corner boards 

all driveway sidewalk and porch is

All surfaces


We will trench approximately 4 to 6 inches around your home pulling mulch and or soil away from the exterior wall to prep below grade. 

We need to pressure clean this area below grade

We will also apply sealer, repair cracks, stucco repair as needed in these areas alsO

We will apply finish coat to these areas below your finish grade. This will keep water intrusion out.


We will apply Sherwin-Williams loxon Bonding Sealer to all Surfaces being painted

We will spot prime with Sherwin-Williams stucco primer all stucco repairs 

We will spot prime any new sections of wood or any areas that we found during the prepping. 

We will apply red oxide rust primer to any rusty metal including corner bead stucco plaster stop, door hinges, screws, nails, etc.we will spot prime any water stains or rust stains on the exterior

On any color change we sometimes apply a base primer tinted the color of the finish coat so we have 100% coverage  

Any unpainted substrates, such as block,wood ,metal, or stucco surfaces would be Spot prime with Sherwin-Williams pro krill primer. 


We will use Sherwin-Williams 60 year caulk sealing up all the following items on your home. 

Windows and any wood window trim

Electrical boxes, electrical meter, and any outlets

Front porch, Back porch, all ceilings all corners, and all door frames and any other trim or areas needed 

All lap siding and or Hardy Board, Corner trim boards and butt joints. 

Any and all caulking needed in the soffit or facia board areas 

We will caulk all other trim such as wood trim, stucco bands, and decor trim 

I We will caulk all other water intrusion areas

We will caulk your water faucets and if they’re loose we will apply high-strength concrete mix around the faucet approximately 3x3 inch sqaure to stablize it.  


We will use an elastomeric stucco crack repair product from Sherwin-Williams that we inject into the cracks in order to fill them so they don’t come back. This method allows for expansion and ensures your home is Water-tight. 

We will do minor stucco repairs and texture to match

Corners of your home or any corner bead or plaster stop for a repair

Any other loose or damage stucco we repair with high-strength stucco mix. 


We will walk the home and checked all the prep-work to Ensure it’s completed property. 

We will do a walk around home with the homeowner also. If the homeowner is not available we can send photos during the painting project 

Any additional prep work will be done at this time  

We will also re-verify colors to ensure accuracy, and where the colors will be applied. 


We will apply Sherwin-Williams lifetime warranty paint to all surfaces being painted. 

We will apply duration satin to all surfaces including stucco, block walls, soffits, facia boards, doors, trim. 

This would be done by brush, roll, or spray 

Your address and information would be put in Sherwin-Williams system for warranty purposes. 

We will have this info on file in an email. 

Please remember email your colors and put “ colors” in the subject line in your email to us.  

This is good for warranty purposes but also if you need the colors for future touch up.  

We will leave touch up paint on site. Please keep it inside air-conditioned space with lids shut tight.

 Always shake your paint well before touching up and sometimes you may have to add a small amount of water If your paint becomes very thick. 

If you see or have new cracks surface on your home please do not try to fix it call us.

We will make arrangements to take care any cracks for you. 


We will use Sherwin-Williams painting products 

 Stucco surfaces, body, trim, soffits, facia, all doors, all othe services etc. 

We will use Sherwin-Williams duration satin lifetime warranty finish paint. 

Any Front and or Back Porches that are previously painted or requested to be painted will be prepped and painted also. 

We will do the following on the porches. Repair cracks, applying sealer, and apply Ultra- Crete Concrete paint To the porches. 

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